T1G12: Open Source on OpenVMS? Its Easier Than You Think!


Participants will learn:
- UNIX application development concepts and tools (for example, tools such as configure and make)
- How to use GNV on OpenVMS
- How to take advantage of UNIX Portability features provided by OpenVMS 8.2
- How to successfully port real world applications to OpenVMS


Recent versions of OpenVMS include new tools and features that facilitate porting Open Source applications to OpenVMS. Using these OpenVMS tools and features, students will learn how to port at least three Open Source applications to OpenVMS. Students will start with zip files from the web and end with applications running successfully on an OpenVMS system. In the process, students will gain experience with GNV (Gnus Not VMS, a set of UNIX like utilities for OpenVMS), learn to use several UNIX application development tools such as configure and make, learn about the latest portability features in the OpenVMS C RTL, and explore other features that facilitate porting applications to OpenVMS from a UNIX environment. Students will also learn the most significant differences between UNIX and OpenVMS, and the methods for dealing with those differences when porting applications.

Termin und Dauer

  • am 04.04.2005 im Swissotel Düsseldorf/Neuss (es sind noch Plätze verfügbar)

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    Zielgruppe und Voraussetzung

    Application Developer

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    Brad McCusker, Hewlett-Packard Corp.
    Brad McCusker is a senior technical architect in HPs Business Critical Servers, Transition Engineering and Consulting group, focusing on delivering architectural workshops to enterprise customers contemplating transitions to various HP platforms. Prior to this role, Brad was a longtime member of HPs OpenVMS Engineering group where he was the Project Leader for the C Run-Time Library (C RTL), responsible for leading its upgrade to meet Open Group standards and support UNIX/Linux application portability. Brads prior work in the OpenVMS Engineering group included a long history with PATHWORKS and Advanced Server Engineering. Prior to Digital/Compaq/HP, Brad spent eight years in an OpenVMS development environment, primarily for the US Navy in the field of real-time anti-submarine warfare simulation. Brad has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Lowell, and an MS in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.